Seal Team 6 – World Police

In the latest Wikileaks controversy files have been published that show the now famous Seal Team 6 was based on Team America: World Police.

Details of the formation of the Team along with mission briefs from the White-house have been leaked along with the original Presidential decree mandating their formation.

An anonymous source at the Pentagon confirmed much of the leak…

“Yeah when the big O came to the White-house the first thing he wanted to see was the file on Team America”

“It broke his heart when we said it was just a film and he got into a right mood and locked himself in the Oval Office for a week…finally he came out with his copy of the DVD and just said – make it happen…so we did”

“A lot of Presidents have little pet projects that go no-where but the Big O insisted that we send these guys on real crazy ass missions”

“North Korea, Bin Laden, Saddam, Gradaffi, hostage rescue…hell he even sent them in against the Super Bowl organising committee to stop the Patriots from playing their favourite song…”