20 thoughts on “#YOLO: The newest acronym I love to hate

  1. Drake has a song called "The Motto" that brings in the whole YOLO thing.

    The thing is, Lil Wayne has a part in it, which means that no matter how outrageous you or your commenters try to be in tearing apart the meme, Lil Wayne's lyrics will STILL be dumber.

    There's no way to satirize something so dumb.

  2. That's the beauty of having teenagers in the house. I find out about this nonsense the second it trends and learn to tune it out immediately. I just wish "It is what is" would go away.

  3. I just found out it means "you Only Live Once." Now you're making us search for meanings behind your toons, you clever dude, you. Btw, the girl is hot in the toon. The monkey is not. Monkeys are vicious and have been known to tear off people's faces and their junk. Just sayin'. Have a great weekend, dude!

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