Tom Cruise is Holmless

Maybe Katie couldn’t face seeing Tom in a ‘Few Good Men’ or maybe it was always going to be Mission Impossible.

But lets remember there’s a little person involved
…and he’s somewhere, sitting on a couch, quiet and still.

…maybe playing Super Mario and beating up lizards

23 thoughts on “Tom Cruise is Holmless

  1. im a little shocked because… i mean o.o she always said she wanted to be with him for *dunnohowlong* and stuff like that. whatever people fall in love and get divorced. XD

  2. The scientologists are insance, im not suprised every woman has left him. He wants to create an L Ron Hubbard baby. The cult is big money though, and thats what counts to officials.

  3. I read that the Scientology group was getting ready to hook the little girl,Suri, up to a machine and ask her questions about aliens. At least the mother had some sense to run, though she lasted 5 years longer than I would have.


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