16 thoughts on “Obamacare is saved!

  1. hahaha. I would like to move America to Britian for this free insurance , Canada doesnt seem to be bad either 🙂

    But not a completely happy moment, Arizona won and Obama as well won. Arizona should have lost, can they take the Arizona case to "The Hague"?

  2. What trips me out is how many people say they'll move to Canada if Obamacare doesn't get nixed…so they're effectively saying they'll give up their citizenship in a place that has universal health care and move to a place that has…universal health care.

    I…y'know, the kids have a new-fangled saying nowadays. SMH.

    Yeah. Shakin' like I got freakin' Lou Gehrigs, yo.


    …great, now I'm depressed. :/

  3. You just know America will elect this nut job, people prefer people to think for them, than make up their own mind. Witness your previous post about scientology, everyone wants to be controlled lol.

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