22 thoughts on “Chuck Norris hates Gay Oreo Cookies!

  1. Oh my gosh…this is why it's embarrassing to admit I'm a Republican sometimes, because of people like Chuck Norris. Stay out of each other's bedrooms! And to boycott Oreo's, really?? Some people are so close minded.

  2. Those boycotts have GOTTA be making things difficult for the anti-gay crowd.

    (I almost said "hard". But that joke would have been too easy, and it's not the way I roll, so I say it in parens at the end instead…)

  3. Funny how most of the anti-gay comments involve God or are made by Christians. Welp, at least the atheist part of the world is getting their hate straight (or not, haha).

  4. Not cool. I no longer like Chuck Norris.
    I just heard about Pride Oreo tonight, thanks to a friend that said he would really like to eat one. I still don't really know what it's about, but they look delicious.



    Lol, Chuck Norris taking a stand against gay oreos. Maaaaan, how does one ascend to the upper eschelon of Internuggets pantheons only to fall so low?

    Out of such dramas do we get good stories though, so who knows…maybe this is a critically-planned stratagem in order to ascend beyond even the boundaries of modern-day Internet deity status?

    We'll see.

    In b4 someone points out that Chuck Norris Facts are old enough to be sold as gasoline, ya gotta reckonize Norris' place in Internets history 's all I'm sayin'. :3

  6. Also the spoke of Hollywood, where Hollywood writers seemed to put a gay person on every single sit-com and at least one scene or character in every single movie – stating that wasn't right because there just are not that many gay citizens in our country by proportion. Then they spoke of the ""gay agenda" in our politics in Washington DC, in our entertainment manufacturing, at our college campuses, and claiming that the GLBT crowd was preying on adolescents who are going through their own hormonal awakenings, thus, in a way brainwashing them as they are confused about the changes in their own bodies.

  7. No hesitation the plight of homosexuals is on the top of the list of social problems professed in the EU because this week a meeting is taking place in Europe to address the fact that not everyone is getting onboard with the "gay agenda. Homophobia, transphobia and other forms of sexual orientation discrimination is said to still exist in the EU on a larger scale than the Union wants to see.

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