17 thoughts on “Immigration

  1. Good one, G as usual. 🙂
    You should be writing for a magazine. Love your blog and insightful, deep satire cartoons. Bravo.

    yeah Arizona – if America is Hogwarts, Arizona is Slytherin house. Their never tiring chase, and ridiculous out of the world rules and quest for blood, immigrant blood intrigues me.

    Where do they draw the line?
    "My granddad came a day before your granddad so I should sterilize you and kick you and your family out of the country? "

  2. Indeed, basically almost all of America consists of immigrants or descendants of immigrants. It's ridiculous. Especially when they go racist over the natives.

  3. Here the election is coming up so there'd be more of these ppl who'd be greeting their citizenships so they can be roped into voting for the government !

  4. I am so glad my sister no longer lives in Arizona. Every time I would visit her, I feared being deported. I was born in this country, but I just knew they would find a way to ship me off to Mexico.

  5. Y'know, I'm proud to be an American…but ohhhhh MAN am I glad I wasn't born in Arizona!

    "Draconian laws" much? Just a freakin' little.

    Just a little though. A teensy-tiny little.

    Gah. I keep professing in the belief that it behooves a populace to rise against their oppressors, but I find it harder to believe in the softer my country gets.

    Soft in the head, addled and corrupt as a motherfucker.

    I mean it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have EVERY sign pointing to us going down the same route as Rome. I mean, the barbarians are at the gates and freakin' Caligula is flashing himself at old women at this point after he fellated a horse.

    A dead horse.

    …I want to make a necrophiliac beastiality joke (beating off a dead horse) but I simply lack the wit to tie it in right now. :3

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