Apathetic Rebel – episode #1

I’ve been wanting to do a weekly web comic with an ongoing story for a while.
So here’s episode 1…

25 thoughts on “Apathetic Rebel – episode #1

  1. The dude had some very good arguments, but even I think he needs a new TV. Doesn't have to be a total entertainment centre, but something better at least.

  2. Which one is you? 😉
    Love the episode. I am getting sick of my iPad and planning to go for 4g. I want video and proper os, the upgrade I did in 3G kinda screwed up the existing one, but confused about tablet from Microsoft, maybe I should wait.

    I Understand your treadmill metaphor pretty strong, but some of us will loose our job if people don't keep up with technology. And that helps us to invent more right, if not people would take half day off to withdraw 100$ from bank.

  3. i never liked 3D tvs. and i dont watch that much tv.
    well yeah. it's easy to get sucked in to these things if you dont have your head planted firmly on your shoulders.

  4. God, I remember the days before 24 hour telly, when the test pattern would show before the scheduled line up and then the close when the SABC would play the national anthem. Christ, I AM old! I need a drink! 😀

  5. Yeah, but cable sucks too. My recomendation, do something awesome instead. Build a CNC machine, brew some beer, distill some whiskey, make some cheese, fuck read a book anything but sit in front of the stupid tube.

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