25 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan’s next trial…

  1. Take away her damn driver's licence!

    Aren't most/all of her legal problems stemming from her driving while intoxicated?

    She is obviously going to remain intoxicated for the foreseeable future. So take her keys away from her for good…

    Problem solved. No one gets hit by her vehicle.

    I oughta be a judge…

  2. That's harsh sentence. Can't we put electrodes on her neck that shock her every time she does something idiotic. But someone else would say, "Yeah, but she would end up dead." Then I say, "But she's just done so darned much for this world. We can't shock her every stupid move until… pardon me… I must sob openly just thinking about it.

    OK. I'm done.

    Great post, G. 🙂

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