29 thoughts on “YOLO…You only…

  1. This is quite brilliant. You had truly embraced the meaning of YOLO. Who would have thought YOLO – once could also be a Orangutan live could be love and yet define stupidity.
    "Thanks Shakespeare" is so yesterday, YOLO is just the thing.

  2. What the f is with Yolo everywhere lately? The next group of asshats behind me are really starting to make me get my old man pants up in a bunch. Damn kids get a fucking job and get off my Lawn. Is today pudding day?

  3. According to Urban Dictionary, YOLO is You Only Live Once, a phrase to describe people doing something from mildly to extremely stupid.

    If anyone wants to award me for my Google-fu, I accept all major credit cards.

  4. At least this guy woke up after just one night. Imagine that you wake up after several years of living with a girl and find the same thing. Now you know a little bit about what it is like to be me.

  5. we had an orang utan here who gave up smoking after 20 years or so. i think the creature could have just stopped if ppl stopped feeding it with cigs.

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