25 thoughts on “George and Obama – Zombies

  1. George seems to be onto something. Except for the fact that zombies may one day want to get married and have equal rights. Oh, the horror!

  2. Ha, great art. Its shocking how many people are praying for a zombie apocolypse, they all want to test their skills. I read a newspaper review, some tabloid , of the attack and the headline was 'Day 1…'
    like some movie lol.
    I do hope Obama gets in though he is the best of a poor crop.
    Didn't he say something abou bringing the troops home and ending the war?
    Ah well, they say anything.
    Really great likeness, even Bonzo Bush looks suitably monkey like.

  3. I met this one dude at a coffee house (well, I didn't really meet him, some people I was with met him, and I happened to be there) and he was babbling on about all the possible scenarios which would cause life as we know it on earth to end. He said, "I think the zombie apocalypse is a real possibility." I was thinking, "LOL! WTF, dude! Zombie apocalypse?? Okkkkkkk….!" Well there ya go. Once again I a proven wrong, and some crazy guy in a coffee house is proven right.

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