27 thoughts on “Cannibalism or Zombie Apocalypse?

  1. I remember the uproar on the internet yesterday because of this, but lets just keep zombies in video games/entertainment…okay?

  2. Holy shit, that is really nasty. It took a dozen shots before he got off. Damn, if there is a Zombie apocalypse coming, it's probably due to drugs.

  3. Yeah, there's been some pretty weird stuff going on in Miami recently. Could just be a dude on PCP though, happens quite often.

    1. No offence was intended Dezmond…it was more a satirical take on how western media essentially apply the same lazy stereotypes to all Muslim countries. With the idea being to contrast the western authority figure denying claims of zombification…against the more rational revulsion over cannibalism…

  4. IF the victim is still alive in the hospital and this is caused by a zombie pandemic then the next news will involve a whole hospital full of them. Hospital of the Dead!!

  5. People should lay off chicken and consume geese instead of shooting them off for disrupting flight traffic. Or go vegetarians, there are lot of dishes and recipes possible.

    Germans started genocide, they started cannibalism now it has extended to Florida.

    Zombie is dead feeding on living, whole different concept.

    And about that holiday request, even in Chicago for that autistic case, the police officers were sent on paid vacation, new tactic followed by police dept, if they want to evade responsibility go on vacation. I wish I could do that, in my job they would cancel the vacation if customers cant find demo button on their screen.

  6. There is this German T.V. programme…which we didn't watch, about these two students that had made a pact to eat a part of each other.
    It was their calf or thigh, part of them that they wouldn't miss.
    This is True!

    {Got my Zombie Survival kit ready anyway, just in case!}

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