24 thoughts on “62 days until London 2012

  1. London is going to turn into a zoo when the games begin. I can only imagine the security issues and the crowds. I have a friend who lives in Soho and he bitches nonstop about tourists all the time. He'll be feckin' miserable and might want to borrow that saw.

  2. This should have been ours G. Should have been in Chicago.

    This is what I feared about. 5 9'' short boys competing with 5'9'' tall girls for Miss.Universe and swimming, dont they have different rules for women though? if so these ex-men which rule would they follow?

  3. they dont start till august? really? i always thought they started around july 1st, bah what do i know. also i'd go to the pubs after work too but by the time i get home no one is around anymore cause they work in the morns. however i did catch up on some good ol beer olympics last nite. pip pip

  4. I used to share with this German sports fan she was going to work as a steward just to get tickets. Now they have these missiles pointing upward in London just in case the 'terry-wrists' attack.Isn't the Olympics supposed to be about brotherhood of man/woman?
    Anyway i liked seeing the shot put and hammer throws just to see the gargantuans.

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