20 thoughts on “Lincoln invented Facebook

  1. There are some updates to that story, but interesting hoax someone started. I wonder if the winklevoss twins had their hand in this too. They are always trying to take the Zuck down a notch.

  2. Welcome back from your break and I hope you enjoyed your time away from blogging. I guess if Abe can gank a vamp he can invent Facebook.

  3. Aye you've been missed G. I'd be happy if this were true because it would be slightly possible that for some legal reason, we had to lose Facebook.

  4. Winklevoss got what 68million? Maybe time for people with Lincoln last name to give atomic wedgie to Zuckerberg again.

    And welcome back. You were missed G and I missed your posts. And about that puzzle, what's the answer. Funny last before week I saw in a carpet a design sticker that looked close to your piture corner deigns put together( yep, I tried 😉 )

  5. I remember working with him during the building of the Hoover Dam. That was his idea, too. I would like to see that movie with him as a vampire killer.

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