23 thoughts on “X is for xenophobia…

    1. I've considered it. They had the foreign invaders outnumbered Six million Native American Indians had they organized at gotten together would have changed history.

  1. haha. absolutely awesome. Reminds me of Addams family thanks giving play during summer camp.
    "you will be playing golf and we will be on settlement and manage casinos" – funny one.

    About puzzle, I am all the more intrigued now, I wanted clues but now it almost end of challenge, let me try as long as it isnt grammer puzzle, gonna try..

    You are brilliant. 🙂

  2. "Don't be so xenophobic." I am going to try to remember to use that line sometime. I think most people I know don't know what xenophobia is, and it will just make me sound smart using a cool word like that.

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