17 thoughts on “W is for a satirical world…

  1. is that morse code in your picture in the corners? What does it read?
    India is land of call centers? "We are like this only".
    Mail order brides from Russia? Why didnt you say Thailand? Fearing Baldwin case? Loved every single one of them.

    You are awesome. This picture alone should qualify you for MENSA membership. Awesome job 🙂

  2. You sure did put a lot into this graphic, very well done and the humor is quick as well. I think England should have "marmite" and "pompous twits" on it. 'Twould be accurate I think.

  3. Brilliant and very astute! I think the 'FREE MANDELA' should be updated, though. Madiba has been free since 1990. You can safely re-label it 'THE ARMPIT OF THE WORLD', because it is! 🙂

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