19 thoughts on “U is for unemployment and the United Nations…

  1. You know this is one time in history when war is not positively correlated with employment. The correlation is now negative. Look at the numbers and you'll find a global increase in unemployment at the same time you see an increase in military action (PC term for war).

  2. Thank goodness! I thought world peace and conflicts, in general, were afoot. Gee, we can't have that happen! Remember countries… Should you suddenly strike oil, the U.S. will be there in a jiffy to "protect you" and certainly not take over your country in every way conceivable. And we'll certainly never make lame excuses to attack your country, either. Nah! That will never happen!

  3. Solving high unemployment rates:
    1) Start a war you can possibly win.
    2) Call all unemployed men to arms.
    3) Put a few on construction of weapons.
    You just nullified the unemployment rate AND are about to win a war, congratulations!

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