16 thoughts on “R is for Religion

  1. All I see is Mark Zuckerberg with Hitler and Stalin. Wasnt he awarded "Person of the year award for 2010?"
    Srilanka's President Rajapaksha deserves a spot there.
    Religion fanatics just disgust me. They alltime talk about love and spreading love and being humble but turn a deaf year to their facade, then they unleash their hatred,potty mouth,irritability and someones genocide too. And they curse us to go to hell.

    Strong message and love anti-athesim and ani-religion, same difference as "not bad" and "not good".

  2. I don't know about religion but I do know that we all have to believe in something, its about faith and not necessarily about where you put it..the anti-religion people all want to be some kind of God and have that power, they dont believe in God because they only want to answer to themselves.

  3. I wouldn't mind some of Zuckerbergs money, a nerd really understands the need to be part of the social group. And online they can be.
    He probably would have been rich anyway even without Fb, he looks the type to crawl to the top.
    Hitler was a Christian though, well he used it to his purpose, like all psycopaths he thought he was chosen. Half the people who say they are religious pick and mix the bits they want to believe in. Decent people are still hard to find. Nice likeness though on everone.

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