17 thoughts on “Q is for queens…

  1. I'm fine with queens. Have even become acquainted with a few of them over the years. I just find it depressing when they make a better looking woman than I do. And it isn't an infrequent occurrence either:)

    And yes, they almost always dress better than me. My eye for fashion is nonexistent.

  2. hahaha, pictures speaks 1000 words.
    Dont be a Drag, be a Queen.
    Reminds of Katy's words, "I just think that a transgender trying to get into a beauty pageant would be like watching the first 3 episodes of a season of "American Idol." These folks – for the most part – ain't going to Hollywood"
    I would love to see Miss.Universe tags on these and enjoy the look on Donald Trump's face.

    -Let them have Ex-Mr.Universe or Tran.Universe contest instead of these ex-boys in Miss.Universe contest. Unfair, 5'9'' short guy competing for Ms.Universe title as tall girl. Unfair 🙁

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