21 thoughts on “P is for Peace…

  1. True that. That is what I call homogenisation war. Every single war was waged for same reason.
    – You dont have blue eyes and blonde hair – YOU NEED TO DIE
    – You dont worship the same god as me – YOU NEED TO DIE
    – Your skin color isnt same as mine – YOU NEED TO DIE
    – You have oil, you are richer than me – YOU NEED TO DIE
    As Trolske said in my comments, WAR FOR PEACE, FREEDOM FOR SLAVERY still I would take reject 10 Indias for 1 America. You gotto settle for bad from the pool of worst.

  2. because war never solved anything…but slavery, Nazism, fascism, communism, etc. haha, saw that bumper sticker the other day, and this post reminded me of it, even if it is completely offbase.

  3. This is really powerful, G. At least from how I'm looking at it – removing the politics; all of it and just leaving it in God's hand. Love this!

  4. Hm, good point… Well, the internet is helping us get closer than ever. Everyone can be heard today. So I think that we are coming to a "world wide opinion" . I just have no idea when we will reach it.

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