L is for love…

I’m back to civilization tomorrow so will be around to catch up with everyone’s blog and spread the love…

24 thoughts on “L is for love…

  1. Used to be just fighting the TV. Now we can watch TV and do FB all at the same time. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My A-Zs are at myqualityday.blogspot.com

  2. In olden days, grandpa could shut grandma up with mere stare or "make me a sandwich bitch", nowadays he cant even think aloud that and not even in different language. 🙂
    Matches made in heaven endure as hell on earth and end in death.
    Matches made in eharmony, get dirty in facebook and end with divorce via text message.

  3. I hate FaceBook I'm afraid to say. Nothing of any interest goes on there for me, it's all people bitching about someone and I just get blocked up with music that I'm not really interested in. It really gets on my nerves. So, although I'm still there, I don't bother with it anymore. Like a lot of other people that I know, we are just leaving it.

  4. Drunken facebook rants are always a bad idea. I have been guilty of a late night text to an ex once.There is a model who is suing Facebook because she wants drunken photos she posted deleted from their servers. It is a really interesting case because of the nature of what it does. It means a politician could aask for images to be deleted permanently of them five years ago taking drugs ect.
    Quite tricky.

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