18 thoughts on “J is for Justice 2.0

  1. Yeah, totally. Lawyer's mouth not knowledge of law makes it all worth even if it costs a arm and a leg. Think about it, if you think twice about pawning your house, you may be jailed for life on the other hand for all your lawyer's effort , you could write a book about it or sign a contract with TV channel and even give your confession in black and white and get all your money back with lot more.

    OJ Simpson and Dharun Ravi should be perfect case to support this cartoon. You killed a person? you go free, someone killed themselves and suicide note was suppressed yet you could get charged and could face sentence upto 10 years.

    I made a poor career choice.
    Engineer's bug could cost him a job,
    Doctor's bug could cost a life and cost his career too,
    only Lawyers can survive and get paid no matter what without costing their job.

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