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  1. Wow! This blog of yours is being a challenge for me and my IQ. Pretty interesting, you are awesome G, more like solving puzzles. Instead of Ibook why cant they enter to Iblog, I would be happy to move from my google blogger to them.
    I was even ready to swallow my Microsoft pride and loyalty to move to Mac machine to learn to develop some apps but price helped me regain by consciousness.
    Atleast they didnt name it Ipad, for a while many thought that people were talking about sanitary pad.

  2. I suspect the Death Star was probably as design flawed as most computers. I always find it interesting how many people have elevated Jobs to this god like status. When the first thing he did when he got in charge was cut all philanthropic funding and employee benefits. Like Gates he relied and exploited talented people to get where he wanted to be in life. And practiced a type of economic gerrymandering.People crying when he died was bizarre, but people want their lives to be important,so they attach themselves to events.

    Really like your art work, it has this realist , illustrative effect.

    1. You can't moral scale on megalomaniacs. Edison, jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg you need to give them sometime to quench their thirst for power, they make it worthwhile. I prefer to excuse these scientist business people than selfish politicians. Once their thirst is quench you can always see happy ending, donating a lot to charity. Jobs forget about his selfish attitude, he did bring revolution and better competition to IT and truly inspiring, you gets fired from company they built and tolerate Pixar for 10 years and wait for it make a profit?

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