24 thoughts on “H is for Hunger…World Hunger

  1. To be fair though, the dog does do a lot of PR work for Paris, arranging photoshoots and book keeping. It deserves to be paid appropriately for it's services.

  2. Did Paris have breast work done?

    Because I don't remember her having cleavage. Like, she's always had this skanky flat-as-a-board thing goin' on. No ass either.

    How can a woman be that slutty with no assets to do so with?

    Just crab buffet everywhere, bleh…

  3. That's not hot.
    Hilton is only as famous as people let her be. But the idea of shallow famous for being famous people is nothing new.
    I did remember a funny article on Jay Leno, back when he was funny-ish, during the Iraq oil grab, and it was during Hiltons arrest for drunk driving. The media reported it full coverage all day, in the corner of the screen as the news helicopters chased Hiltons car was a small popup about the capture of Saddam Hussein.

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