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  1. Hah,im amazed he got a connection up there though. Everyone looks for what Aristotle called a 'Telos' or an inherent meaning to its existance. Like an acorns Telos is to be an oak tree. Aristotle thought life had a Telos and that lifes Telos (how many times can i type Telos…) was happiness. Reminds me of an old Jewish grandmother watching her grandchildren play her friend wanders up and says 'Martha what are the ages of those lovely carefree children?'. 'Well' says Martha 'the laywer is six and the doctor is four'.

  2. Gloriously goofy G Post!

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  3. I don't know what we would do without Google 🙂 We might have private lives and real lives, but who needs those when Google gives us cyber fame 🙂

  4. I wasted a bunch of time in school. When I get those new Google glasses, I'll be able to instantly make connections and provide information that I'm currently wasting valuable brainspace to hold…

    Unless the internet goes down, I mean. If the net goes down, then all the folks with the Google glasses will look pretty dumb again. Intellectually dumb. Stylistically, they'll look dumb as soon as they put the glasses on…

    (Note to self: Don't comment on G's blog after drinking anymore.)

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