C is for… the Curse of Celebrity

Small Pox, polio, measles…all have been tackled by modern medical science and all roundly beaten. But some diseases remain a blight on society with the most destructive and debilitating being the curse of celebrity.

…but there is hope.

Although a full cure remains a distant dream scientists in Canada have managed to replicate the condition in laboratory conditions on normal members of the public.

In their seminal trial 100 people were fed 6 pints of beer each within a one hour period.

The results were startling, mirroring the behaviour and attitudes of many modern celebs.

It was observed that the subjects:
– talked excessively without making any sense
– became overly emotional
– couldn’t drive
– failed to think rationally
– argued over nothing
– refused to apologize when wrong.

The hope is that now the condition can be temporarily replicated a more complete understanding can be developed.

32 thoughts on “C is for… the Curse of Celebrity

  1. The trouble is, to be a meaningful scientific test, they'd need a control group to not drink beer. And since most volunteers for these things are students… well, you can see the difficulty.

  2. Seeing as to how my band IS making forward progress, the disease of celebrity does worry me.

    Thankfully I DO have my crew, The Hooligans, who keeps me fairly grounded…but the threat of celebrity is always on the horizon, y'know?

    Feels good that there's a cure being worked on~! The last thing I want is to A) succumb to the vices of drinking and drugs and B) to have my junk exposed on TMZ.

    I mean, I'm probably going to expose my junk on-stage ANYWAY, but why the hell do I wanna do it for those jackals?

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