April’s A-Z Challenge

I’ll be taking a break for the next few days getting ready for the A-Z Challenge Month.
For those who’ve not heard of the A-Z Challenge throughout April I, and hundreds of other bloggers, will be trying to keep our posts related to each days letter of the alphabet.
It starts on the 1st of April with the letter A, and ends on the 31st with Z…with the in-between Sundays off for good behaviour.

So I’m rapidly trying to come up with ideas for each letter and getting a few post set up ahead of schedule, so I’ll be back this coming Sunday.
In the mean time check out some of the other fine and upstanding bloggers who have signed up for the challenge as well…

28 thoughts on “April’s A-Z Challenge

  1. Looking at your cartoon, I am expecting 100 blogs about Alexander and Zuckerberg.
    Last year I did this, ohhh it starts out exciting but around O,X and stuff I am exhausted.
    All the best the sunday break is really good. Have fun!

  2. This sounds quite interesting. However my creativity seems to be lacking recently, I think I shall give this a pass, before I make a world fool of myself.

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