Cheney’s Heart…

Former Vice President Dick Cheney received a heart transplant today.

The $5 billion procedure was complicated by the amount of time Mr Cheney’s heart had been in cold storage and required Voodoo experts from Haiti to assist. Although some had counselled against re-introducing the organ, right wing republican officials felt it necessary if Mr Cheney was going to stand a chance of mounting a late challenge to Mitt Romney.

A hospital spokesman said that Mr. Cheney was making a remarkable recovery, was alert, chatting with his doctors, and shooting people as soon as their backs were turned.

Attention now turns to former President George W. Bush with surgery planned later this year to re-introduce his brain with many in the Bush camp claiming it’s already “Mission Accomplished”.

30 thoughts on “Cheney’s Heart…

  1. That Administration is 1/3 of the way there.

    Once Cheney gets a heart and Bush gets a brain, all that is left is for Colin Powell to get some courage.

    2002 would have been a lot different if they'd started this project a decade ago.

  2. Bush's brain line is awesome. Dad by day, I am enjoying this blog of yours dearly. Love it.

    BTB, is there anyway you could share your cartoons as slideshow or something and give it as script to share it in my blog too like news feed or something like that.. I would love to see your cartoons showing up in random order and make my day.

  3. I heard they got the heart from a wild bovine on the plains of Catmandu. According to local sources getting the heart was easy "It was just like going out cow tipping" said nine year old Sven Svenderson who reportedly bagged the bovine heart. He was given a piece of gum for his efforts in securing the heart for the former US Vice President.

  4. The decider is getting his brain back?. What if they chimpanzee wont give it back?, it was stupid experiment anyway, everyone knows chimpanzees are far more intelligent than Dubya. If only Cheyney faced the divine judgement he believes in so fervently, it would be a fun ride all the way down to the flames.

  5. My sources tell me he needed the transplant after his heart just BURST with excitement while watching kids hunt each other at an advanced screening of The Hunger Games!

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