How to cheat at drawing…

A few people have asked me about my cartoons and although I’d love to pretend to be a budding artist I actually cut so many corners it’s more like cheating.

L from The Mock Turtle asked how long does it take to do an illustrations and how do I create them?

Typically a cartoon will take me about an hour or two to complete which is mainly dependant on the subject and the number of elements in each frame.

As to how…well it just so happens that I’ve done a series of articles on exactly this subject on my other blog…and they can be found here:-

Part 1 – focusses on the use of Inkscape to trace an outline for each picture

Part 2 – looks at using Gimp2 to colour the sketch
Part 3 – continues the use of Gimp2 to shade the cartoon

15 thoughts on “How to cheat at drawing…

  1. You make it all seem so easy, G. I knew a lot of work went into your illustrations – I just had no idea how much. Thank you for taking the time to show me (us) how it's done. Simply amazing.

  2. I think that a few hours for each picture probably seems like long. You have some corners to cut yet. But what matters is that they look pretty good.

  3. Looks easy, but its actually difficult. I really love your cartoons, keep it up! I'll follow your tutorials in a bit, I want to try this.

  4. Yeah, thought as much; tracing over photos. Still, very well-done! It's pretty hard to trace over a picture if it got no solid lines or shades or anything!

  5. I'm working far too hard on my art. I use real life subjects, usually nudes, as references and pin them to the drawing board and free hand onto ArtRage and "dress" them from my imagination as I go. One of my pieces can take me 3-4 days to produce. Bloody hell.

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