Trayvon Martin

This has been blogged about for a while and finally a grand jury is to investigate the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin.
To those who don’t know Trayvon was a 17 year old boy walking home from a convenience store with candy for his younger brother when George Zimmerman, a self appointed neighbourhood watch captain, pursued him as walked through a gated community in Florida. After a scuffle Trayvon was shot with 911 tapes showing Zimmerman was the ‘aggressor’.
Zimmerman claimed self-defence and wasn’t charged…hopefully justice prevails

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  1. I think I just might be writing a post about this story myself on my own blog. It's absolutely sickening that Batman got let go in the first place. I'm so pissed off right now I really hope Trayvon gets justice because you don't deserve to die because you wanted to buy your brother some skittles.

    RIP Trayvon.

  2. Yeah, me and Ace are going to lose our friggin' minds about this in the new podcast.

    Apparently this shit went down TWO WEEKS AGO, and they're JUST NOW getting to investigating it?!

    I don't want to say this is racist, but this DOES reek of a race-relation issue. Even further, HOW IN THE HELL CAN THEY SAY THIS IS SELF-DEFENSE OF ANY KIND?


    Videos show him as the criminal aggressor, his own 911 call proves that he stalked and killed Trayvon Martin.

    This SHOULD be quite the open-and-shut case! Hell, the gun isn't even Trayvon's, it's Zimmermans.

    I've said this over the phone, but y'know…this strikes me very much like a similar case in New York, of a girl whom I think her name is Kitty or somethin' like that. Anyway, stalked and stabbed to death in public and NO ONE stopped the guy or did anything to save her.

    Full view of everyone.

    Gah, apathy. It's disgusting.

    This poor kid was chased after, pummeled and shot and this jackass is just NOW being investigated.


    I mad.

  3. So glad you decided to join in, G. I'll post your question here and on my blog….

    How long does it take you to do your illustrations and how do you create them?

    ~Look forward to seeing your answer!

  4. What is up with that? How come people shoot for inappropiate reasons like that. Are they that insecure about themselves that they'll shoot when there's just the slightest doubt?

  5. This is typical of the world we live in. When we as a people decided to subscribe to relativism, we agreed that there was no "right" and no "wrong". Am I surprised by this? Not a bit. There are absolutes and we need to get back to that or justice is all relative.

    1. a different set of circumstances and the same out come would merit a different judgement no? That would be relativism, it's intentions that matter not just outcomes.

  6. Americans are just too obsessed with guns and security. Probably because they are the biggest threat to world security, so they are intimidated by themselves and their own phobias?

  7. This is one thing I hate. Even if you kill someone in self defense it doesn't mean you should just be able to walk away. We are all in control of our actions and even those made in self defense we should be judged on.

  8. This most definitely happened in the States due to the gun. We don't have that in Canada. We have the watches etc. but if there was trouble, that's where we'd call the police and not act like the police.

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