24 thoughts on “Apple’s Bank Vault

  1. Do i get any?. I have two shares in Sainsburys. That gets me about 20p a year. I keep telling them, put the money toward buying a new share, but they always send me the cheque!!!.

  2. Yeah, they've gone completely bonkers with this one. Why not do something cool with it? They could feed the entire world for more than a week, and yet they keep hoarding all their money like "hurr durr" and then they flip shit and buy back their shares.

  3. Pffft, that vault isn't minimalist enough!

    What kind of overpaid hipster would ever put money in a vault like THAT?

    Plus the share holders need to be louder, if'n ya ask me. It's like Apple purposefully went and got the only shareholders who WOULDN'T ride on their business, y'know?

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