Practical uses for celebrities…

In the ongoing quest to find a practical use for socialites and celebrities UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has spoken out.Since becoming the head of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon has overseen a doubling in the number of celebrity UN Goodwill Ambassadors.

“Yes there may be more qualified people about but ultimately, at the end of the day, when all said and done, if one of these celebrities gets eaten in a famine zone then….meh!”

27 thoughts on “Practical uses for celebrities…

  1. I remember when some celebrities volunteered to be "human shields" as a protest to attempt to avert a looming war with Iraq…and Saddam wanted to take them up on their offer. Well, I think if say, for example, a celebrity like Justin Bieber was shot or eaten, it might get some headlines in the short run, but in the long run Bieber's effort would be forgotten. After all, we forgot Keith Partridge and he was not even eaten by anyone. Yes, if this were to happen in actuality, Justin Bieber would just end up on the trash heap of forgotten history, and Selena Gomez would marry one of the Jonas brothers.

  2. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star was begged to become a celebrity UN Goodwill Ambassador. However, after a slight paws, she declined.
    Nice to see you have passed the 100 mark in 'followers'. I hate the usage of the word, 'followers'. 'Disciples, adoring fans, maybe.
    If they can land a man on the Nevada desert…what next the Ban Ki-Moon?

  3. Good one. What is the point of UN anyway? How many wars they have prevented? How many warcrimes have been brought to light? How many tyrants have been punished? Ban Ki-Moon is just a rubberstamp.

  4. Y'know, there's two types of socialites/celebrities in my view. Those who are annoying, insufferable prats who deserve to be eaten by the very causes they're erroneously championing…

    And those who do so without fanfare, with honest desire to change a bad situation in their hearts. Sure, information may be leaked, but it's not like they're all trumped up for the red carpet, calling international media to their damned selves…

    No, they just get dirty, get the job done, and do so without being annoying. And if word gets out and they DO get noticed, then they still shrug it off, y'know?

    At least that's the route I'd go. Let it be seen on a wikipedia or some shit that I did something, or after the fact. Drawing attention to yourself and your cause and doing so purposefully only makes you look like a U2's Bono sized douchemonger.

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