iPad Honestly Disappointing…

In their second big product launch without Steve Jobs, Apple again kind of met expectations…well….just…

Although the newly launched iPad is a clear step forward in terms of visual quality and processing power it fails to revolutionise the crowded tablet market.

It has led to more rumours that the company has lost its creative direction since the departure of Jobs to God’s Own IT Company in the sky.

Apple have denied rumours that their recent recruitment strategy has switched from finding the brightest and best engineers and programmers to one centred around mystics, psychics and anyone with a talent for using ouija boards.

Source – Apple unveils new iPad HD

19 thoughts on “iPad Honestly Disappointing…

  1. It's always been Apples job to sell you something you didn't think you needed or wanted and they've been very successful at it. We'll see what the bottom line looks like on this one. I want to see the numbers when they come in.

  2. They already have most of the monopoly on the tablet market, so just a new, slightly improved product is more than enough. Fuckasses.

  3. Even with the third release of the iPad, it is still remarkably similar to the original one. I think they are going to need to think of an entirely new device in order for people to stop doubting them about the loss of Jobs. Until then though, we shall struggle on wishing he were still providing us with his creative genius!

  4. I think their main power was making everyone believe that what they just created is new and revolutionary. I think they kinda failed at this with both the Iphone and the Ipad..

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