Putin – I’m Back!

In an emotional speech Vladimir Putin has declared victory in the Russian Presidential election, claiming that he has fulfilled his 2008 promise to the Russian People:-

I’ll be back

As protester took to the streets complaining about irregularities in the election protest international leaders have called for the result to be investigated.

Official Election Monitors have accepted that all candidates were able to campaign freely however they have criticised the choice of candidates available to the Russian people.

“The point of elections is that the outcome should be uncertain,” said Tonino Picula, co-ordinator of the OSCE mission.

“This was not the case in Russia. There was no real competition”

This has been seized on by the Kremlin “The Americans criticise our democracy for not having enough choice, yet look at what is happening in their election. The only thing likely to beat Obama is voter apathy!”

Source – Russia election: Police arrest 550 at city protests

22 thoughts on “Putin – I’m Back!


    Voter apathy…well, we shall see. I'm still wondering what the Powers That Be will pull in this upcoming election.

    Hell, I still half-expect to hear "Oh and by a LANDSLIDE (faked) margin George Bush Jr. has just been re-elected for a third term!"


  2. Ah yes, a very dubious election, indeed. Maybe they are 'Putin' us on.
    Heck, the Russian election is right up there with the strange goings on in Florida when George Dubbya Bush, got somehow elected….

  3. Hmmm let's see, personality cult government lead by a former KGB operative. Or an entirely bought out senate and congress by international companies lead by a puppet on a string…

    Anarchy anyone?

  4. Hey there, in the short time I have been following your blog you have forced me to create a seperate page on my own to highlight my favourite blogs.You're in there ofcorse and well deserved it is too. good work as always. thanks.

  5. The only serious contender against Obama is the economy. But he didn't make that happen. As far as presidential candidates, the Republican "contenders" are nothing more than a parade of idiots, making one ridiculous statement after another.

    I think Putin, the cyborg, has a real chance. Go cyborgs!

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