German Tax Collectors Volunteer for Greek Duty

This weekend has seen renewed calls in Berlin for a foreign legion of tax inspectors to be sent into Greece to help route out corruption and make sure national coffers are filled.

Greek business men and wealthy individuals have raised Tax evasion to an art-form and Angela Merkel is determined that the Greek government should act to clamp down on dodgy practices.

German Finance Ministers have already identified around 160 retired Tax-inspectors ready and willing to relocate to Greece if asked. However there have also been calls in Germany to ensure the safety of any volunteers given the likely Greek public’s hostility to foreign bureaucrats. To this end the German government has not ruled out the use of defensive troops in support of reclaiming around £50 billion in undeclared income.

Source – German Tax Collectors Volunteer for Greek Duty


16 thoughts on “German Tax Collectors Volunteer for Greek Duty

  1. Ohhhhh boy~!! THIS is gonna be entertaining to watch~!

    Not even jokin', people wonder how a nation can become bankrupt and as deep in debt as Greece (YEAH 'MURRICA, AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH?! D:< ) and yet that's it in a nutshell right there.

    Corrupt business practices. The rich not re-investing in businesses but rather hoarding their wealth and squirreling it away to their freeloading offspring who don't make it grow or nurture it but spends it on wild bullshit. Politicians getting their share of the fat cash at the expense of the people. Businesses getting their share of the fat cash at the expense of their own workers and their consumer base.

    Sure, it might be oversimplified…but I bet I'm right on this one.

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