22 thoughts on “Taliban Recruitment Drive

  1. I was going to laugh at Fang and write something with a hint of meanie pants for posting a comment about the flames, but then I took a second look, and he is right. I would like to apologize Fang for everything I was going to write.

  2. God, the people who think that they just hate our freedom are naive. It's our idiocracy that causes the widespread hate. These war mongerers (I know a few) refuse to believe that our beligrent actions could even POSSIBLY cause people not to like amURica.

  3. I don't believe they will ever pull out of this war. I think it's just an early campaign promise by Obama in hopes he will be re-elected. I know that most of the world hates Americans, but I am married to an American and the people of that country are not bad people. Bad people exist in every country.

  4. Oh. Oh wow.

    What's sad is that it's freakin' true. :/

    Well, at SOME point in time America's gonna get back to, y'know, being at least somewhat honorable again…

    Or we'll backslide further into chaos. So long as we're not stagnating at this point any longer, yeesh.

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