Dolphin’s have rights too

Scientists meeting in Canada have called for Dolphins to be given human rights

Experts in philosophy, conservation and animal behaviour argue that many sea based mammals deserve life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Russian Prime Minister Valdimir Putin has seized on this scientific breakthrough and is fast tracking a Cetaceans Bill of Rights through the Russian parliament.

A spokesman for Mr Putin said:-

“What is important is affording these creatures the rights they deserve…
…obviously with rights comes the power to vote and we’re certain they will want to thank Prime Minister Putin in his upcoming Presidential election”

BBC – Dolphins deserve same rights as humans

23 thoughts on “Dolphin’s have rights too

  1. Here in Texas, that would mean that members of the state legislature are a) protesting that dolphin rights are un-biblical, and b) making sure the poor things can exercise their right to bear arms.

  2. I know it's actually hard to convey facial expressions outside of emotes over the Internet medium, but man…my jaw friggin' hit the ground.


    I mean…really?

    …really dude?

    I, for one, welcome our soon-to-be cetacean overlords. None will be able to withstand the pummeling of their muscular dolphin penonos.


  3. This is bloody brilliant. That wacky Putin, you just never know what he'll get up to next, except being President for the rest of his life. Great drawings again!

  4. Ah cheesecake with popping candy would be amazing! And this story is insane, as much as I love animals I really can't see dolphins being interested in voting, heck, half the humans on this planet don't want to vote when they have the chance! xxx

  5. Ah yes and oh no, you beat me to it. This was going to be the topic in my next posting.
    Still, an excellent observation on this, my friend. The Russians are right or are you 'Putin' me on….
    I heard that dolphins are to be considered 'non-human persons'. Now, what would be the um porpoise in that?
    Cheers buddy and I thank you very much for your thoughtful comment on my last post.
    In kindness, Gary

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