Iran – make musical theatre not nuclear bombs!

Iran today announced unilateral sanctions against Europe, putting in place embargoes against Britain and France with more actioned threatened.

Speaking at the weekly Tehran Karaoke President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said:-

It is deplorable what the old imperialist powers are doing to Greece, quashing the true voice of the people and imposing their own puppet regime.

We call on pro-democracy fighters across Europe to follow the lead of the glorious Iranian revolution. Follow your brothers in Egypt and Libya, rise up and stop the old imperial powers dictating how you should run your country.

No more will Iranian oil be used to power the 4th Reich no matter how many nuclear scientists they offer us.

When asked about Iran’s nuclear ambitions Mr Ahmadinejad played down recent developments

Look for us global warming is a big worry so we need to develop low carbon energy alternatives. But in honestly there are more pressing matters effecting the lives of the Iranian people.

As you know there are no homosexuals in Iran and this is severely hampering our musical theatre, we need to urgently develop this key part of our cultural infrastructure.

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21 thoughts on “Iran – make musical theatre not nuclear bombs!

  1. President Mahmoud Imadinnerjacket may be on to something here. It seems that back in the day Rome and Greece were bustling centers for the fine arts, and they seemed to do fine without nuclear weapons.

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