Zuckerburg for President!

Rumours are circulating this week that Mark Zuckerburg is planning to enter the 2012 presidential election race.

Zuck has has started the process of floating Facebook as a publicly-listed company raising between $75bn and $100bn. Which has led to questions about what the ginger 27 year old plans to do with all this cash.

From his desert island hideaway he gave this quote…

“Well I did think about going into music and being the next Michael Jackson…but you know being 27 ain’t a good age for Rock and Roll stardom…so I was looking around and saw some cats posting about Mitt Romney. Then I thought…dude I’ve got more cash than you, and I pay my taxes…plus I know all the crazy shit that goes viral and what all those soccer moms want…

…so maybe its time for the first true ginger president yo yo yo!!!”

32 thoughts on “Zuckerburg for President!

  1. Dear God no I could see him being able to win. I hope he's too late to enter. Just so there is no actual chance of him being able to enter. Then in four years time when we're doing this again, he'll be old enough for the rock and roll lifestyle.

  2. You have to be 35 to run. Zuckerberg is just bored and saying whatever comes into his mind. He's so rich and can say stupid shite and get away with it. I wish I had that kind of money.

  3. While I thought that ANYTHING would be better than Obama and this liberal commies, I must say that Zuckerberg (a Jew) is a much worse candidate for presidency. I would rather have Ron Paul! Well, maybe not Paul…

  4. Plus he doesn't even need the FBI to tell him jack shit. Information is practically at his fingertips. This guy will make the best president ever, with the inclusion of the thought police, we can truly have a safer America!

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