Becoming a social hermit

Facebook now has over 800 million users making the participation in social media the new norm.
So does the choice not to participate make you old fashion, a revolutionary or just plain mad?

11 thoughts on “Becoming a social hermit

  1. yea its almost scary how much data mining they do on people like I was looking at a product on a website and for the next hour all the ads on my blog were of that product lol

  2. I have a Facebook just to have it, honestly. I haven't posted anything in months, my friends number is in the double digits, and I really don't care. But… I just… can't… disable it. Why? I have no idea.

  3. I honestly don't like Facebook all that much but it's the modern day equivalent of the old town square, and by not using it…well, fuck. They got me man, they got me =/

  4. I gave up facebook cold turkey, it was difficult to do. But after a few fb-less months, going back just seems pointless and trivial. It's all too much, I think. Give it up, I say!

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