Should some people be stopped from having kids?

How about this case…
A pregnant woman, already with 8 kids;
3 of which were deaf,
2 others who were blind,
1 mentally retarded

….oh and she had syphilis

Would you recommend that she have an abortion?


Well then you’ve just killed Beethoven…

9 thoughts on “Should some people be stopped from having kids?

  1. If she already had 6 kids and was living on food allowance from government and underwent fertility treatment to give birth to 8 more kids and make them suffer and rest of responsible parents to paytaxes instead of them spending on their own kids, I guess I would.

    I dont think any country is ready to sacrifice so many helpless kids and let them suffer in poverty for bring born to irresponsible parents for 1 Beethoven or Einstein or even Edison for that matter.

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