Death-list 2012

It’s something of a tradition around this time of year in my circle of friends to discuss the year just gone and look to the year ahead.

This invariably turns to the slightly darker topic of the death list for the coming year.

For those not familiar with the concept (also called a dead pool, death pool, death watch, dead cert or ghoul pool), it’s a game of prediction which involves guessing who will die in the upcoming year. Obviously without having a hand in any deaths, which would disqualify you from the game and probably/hopefully land you in prison.

Anyway here’s my list for 2012

The Euro – the last time Euro had a single currency my Grandad fought a war to stop it. He didn’t like it then and I’m not convinced that it’s going to work this time.

Republican election hopes – from across the pond there seems to be a good old scrap happening over who isn’t going to face Obama, but could he lose control of both houses and still get elected?

UK Press Freedoms – “The government you elect is the government you deserve.”, said Thomas Jefferson and I think the same can be said for our media organisations. In the UK there is a good deal of moral panic over what newspapers (and in particular NewsCorp) have done in the name of public interest to get a story, with the possibility of stricter press controls as a result.
Yes hacking into the voice-mail of a murdered teenager is clearly wrong but Watergate wouldn’t of happened if the press respected all the laws of the land. Striking a balance between press freedom and the right to privicy is always going to be tricky but if we as consumers didn’t buy/watch/subscribe what the celebrity media machine churns out would there be the commercial pressure to have a gutter press.


Lindsay Lohan does Playboy

You start partying with the wrong crowd
drinking too much…
dabbling with recreational drugs,
then harder drugs.

Next you have to steal…
…getting into trouble with the police along the way

And finally the only thing left to do is sell your body.

In 5 years Lindsay will either turn into the best character actor ever, or there will be plenty of royalty free pictures of her naked…from the morgue.

Amanda Knox’s Book deal…

Amanda Knox has hired a top lawyer used by politicians including Barack Obama and Tony Blair to negotiate a book deal about her four years behind bars in Italy.

Now whether you think Amanda Knox was truly innocent of murder or that the only thing money can’t buy you is love, one thing is certain…she’s going to have one hell of a time finding a room mate.