X-Factor rivalry…

If there is someone in your home that is a fan of the X-factor you become, by default, a fan of the X-factor. It’s like living with a vegetarian…without thinking about it, it seems to worm its way into your life…and the next thing you know you’re sat in front of the TV, soy-burger in hand, cheering on some wanna-be.
Now I really try and fight against what the X-factor brings to the music world… essentially a bunch of glorified cover artists suppressing their own creativity to jump through hoops at the prospect of a recording contract (if they play up to the media…in the right way).
However every once in a while there comes along an act with some balls – or in this case some diva attitude.
Two weeks ago Misha B (X-Factor wanna-be) had to sing for her survival in the competition.
So she’d lined up a modern number by the artist Jessis J; search on youtube – she’s fairly forgettable…and really can’t sing without auto-tune. 
I digress – the song little old Misha picked wasn’t an established hit…no it was the song that Jessie J was launching for the big Christmas chart push….which also involved an appearance on the X-Factor this week.
So you had the spectacle of Jessie J being introduced to sing the same song that had been covered two weeks previous.
Well it’s the only entertainment I can find in the awful show…

2 thoughts on “X-Factor rivalry…

  1. haha, I loved this whole debate.. all the newspapers were going on and on about it for weeks.. I have no particular sway towards either artist, they both annoy me.. but I have to say, I am a big X factor fan. I try not to be, but it gets me every time!

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