Occupy Wall-street

From across the pond it seems the US authorities have had enough of the Occupy Wallstreet campaign.
While the British version is to camp outside the church and discuss the evils of capitalism over tea and crumpets the US takes a more direct approach…

“You saw what happened in Oakland, California. Oh my God, the police fired tear gas. You gotta love that mentality. They’re there with a crowd of people holding up signs saying ‘We can’t find a job,’ ‘we’ve lost our home,’ ‘we can’t pay for college,’ and they think, ‘let’s make them cry.'” –Bill Maher

So much for the first amendment…it’s ok to protest, just be good citizens and go home to bed when you finish.

Read more: http://technorati.com/politics/article/all-tent-and-no-action-youre/#ixzz1e0dOCzrG

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