James Murdoch tries the Helen Keller defence

In his second appearance before the Commons culture committee, James Murdoch broke down and finally admitted the true reason for not knowing anything about what went on at the News of the World.

It transpired that he was in fact both blind and deaf.

This is why he was oblivious to the level and scale of phone hacking
This is why he knew nothing of the out of court settlements in relation to phone hacking
This is why he was staggered by the widespread use of private investigators to trail 14 year old school girls…

In an emotional tear-filled confession James admitted keeping his disability secret for years using elaborate deceptions to maintain his image of a media tycoon. It had started when James was a lad with his mother worried that Murdoch Senior would dis-inherit her precious boy. So after consulting some of the best doctors who had worked with Helen Keller they began their ruse. 

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